Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What do the Anchorage Daily News and the Socialist Worker have in common?

As I documented in Seeing is believing, one unfortunate Lebanese woman has been seen on the pages of various publications, returning to her various homes, and finding each of them destroyed. In two of the pictures, she is wearing the same distinctive clothing, and in yet a third, her distinctive scars are visible. I asked, "How much suffering can this poor woman endure?"

Sad to say, as of that writing, I was unaware of the full extent of her misfortune. Now, in addition to being on the cover of the Anchorage Daily News, she has managed to be on the cover of the Socialist Worker. bewailing the loss of still another home.Those who would like to see a clearer picture can pick up the July 22nd issues of the The Spectator (London), which featured her on the cover. The lead article begins, "Truth is generally the first casualty in war."

Here's how that picture was described on Zombie Time:
A close-up of the somewhat low-resolution image appears to faintly show the distinctive scar on the woman's left cheek, confirming it is her despite the different outfit. As [one ZombieTime reader] writes, "Once again we see the -- unmistakable -- eyebrowless Wailing Woman coming home only to find her third Beirut apartment destroyed. Different location of course, and this time she is wearing an up-market outfit: aqua silk scarf, checked coat, sling bag over her shoulder and holding car keys. She has apparently just got out of her car, seen the damage, slung the bag over her shoulder -- as you do when you discover your apartment is no more -- and gone for it, the double hand Heavenwards Wail."

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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