Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seeing is believing

It is impossible not to feel the pain of the poor Lebanese woman pictured on Page 1 of the August 15th edition of the Anchorage Daily News, under the heading “Lebanese Return Home to Find Devastation.” Credit is given to Ben Curtis of the Associated Press for putting a human face on the suffering.

She is seen standing in front of a building apparently destroyed by Israeli bombers, in that country's efforts to rid Southern Lebanon of the terrorists who killed over two hundred U.S. Marines, bombed our embassy, and, who, by the way, were lobbing missiles at civilians in Israel.

How much has suffering can this poor woman endure? She is seen here lamenting the loss of a different house in a suburb of Beirut on August 5, 2006 in a photo taken by Hussein Malla for A.P.

As if that weren’t enough suffering for this poor woman, it must be recalled that she also lost a different home in Beirut proper on July 22, 2006, as evidenced by this photo, captured by Issam Kobeisi for Reuters:

As they say, seeing is believing.

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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Anonymous said...

Shame on you! Don't you know that by exposing this poor woman's livelihood as a foreground model, you're playing into the hands of the terrorists? (Now where the heck is the sarcasm emoticon?)