Monday, July 24, 2006

Breaking News: Iran’s new regional ally is Iraq!

The war between Israel and Hezbollah rages on. Israel either for its own purposes, or because of necessity, or out of respect for world opinion has not launched a full scale invasion into southern Lebanon. For those living in the residential areas where Hezbollah prefers to hide, the distinction may be a bit too fine.

Today, 90 missiles fell in northern Israel. Israel estimates that the terrorists have lost up about half of their Iranian and Syrian made rockets. Mark Potter, reporting for NBC News, estimates that 2,000 Kaytushas rockets have been taken out, 1,200 have been fired, and 8-9000 are left in Hexbollah’s arsenal. (This is consistent with a pre-war statement of Sheik Nabil Qaouk, the commander of Hezbollah forces in the southern Lebanon,but Hezbollah has more motivation to overstate the number than Israel has to understate it.)

Last Friday, Ted Koppel wrote in the New York Times,
The United States is already at war with Iran; but for the time being the battle is being fought through surrogates.
Here are some specifics, as related by Koppel:
Over the past couple of months alone, [a senior Jordanian intelligence official] told me, Hamas has received more than $300 million in cash, provided by Iran and funneled through Syria. He told me what has now become self-evident to the residents of Haifa: namely, that Iran has made longer-range and more powerful rockets and missiles available to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.
Obviously, the attack on Israel is an attack on the United States’ most faithful friend. But does America have any other friends in the area that can be counted on to provide balance against Iran and her proxies, Syria and Hesbollah? Well, there is one country where America has spent nearly $300 Billion to install a friendly government. How’s that going?

Funny you should ask. It just so happens that late this evening, Rep. William Delahunt D-Mass. (Quincy, Plymouth, Cape Cod) took to the floor of the House to give an update on the situation in Iraq.

It is not going well.

He quoted Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, a member of the Sunni Muslim Iraqi Accordance Front who happens to be the Speaker of the new Iraqi parliament.
Some people say ‘we saw you beheading, kidnappings and killing. In the end we even started kidnapping women who are our honor.’ These acts are not the work of Iraqis. I am sure that he who does this is a Jew and the son of a Jew.

I can tell you about these Jewish, Israelis and Zionists who are using Iraqi money and oil to frustrate the Islamic movement in Iraq and come with the agent and cheap project.

No one deserves to rule Iraq other than Islamists.
This does not bode well for lovers of democracy, a group conspicuously absent in the current administration.

But wait! It gets worse. Here’s the news that Rep. Delahunt broke on the floor of the House this evening:
A special relationship now evolving between Iran and Iraq. There have been agreement after agreement concluded between Iran and Iraq.

The Iranian Foreign Minister has visited in Bahgdad and consulted with the new Iraqi government. Iran has agreed to construct a new airport in Iraq. They have extended loan credits in the amount of one billion dollars to Iraq.

And Mr. Speaker, I think this is especially important for the American people to know:They have concluded a bilateral military cooperation agreement. Yes, Iran and Iraq have concluded a military agreement.
Unless you were watching C-SPAN late this evening, you heard it here first.

… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!

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