Thursday, March 16, 2006

… about Chris Matthews.

Here’s What we know so far … about Chris Matthews.

Faithful readers of this column will recall that I accused him of having no respect for law, being an apologist for Nixon’s anti-Semitism, and basically, I called him a whore. That last accusation may need some explanation. As I wrote at the time:
Deep Throat advised journalists to “follow the money.” Matthews must have thought that the advice was to change your views to grab the largest audience.

I would tell you what I think that makes Chris Matthews, but I might offend the street-walking sex workers of the world.
I also wrote in Paying for hearts and minds. Yours. that it is illegal to spend government money on propaganda aimed at the American public. As it turns out, our government was spending $100,000,000 on that very thing, by planting stories in the Iraqi press, so that Bill O’Reilly or some other puke-for-brains could repeat it on cable news. Come to find out, the Pentagon said that was exactly what was happening, as I reported here.

So much has happened since then. We have learned that Armstrong Williams was not the only so-called journalist being paid to print stories favorable to the administration. Another thing we learned is that lobbyists are often bag-men for the Republican party.

Today, it all came together. It turns out that our pal, Chris Matthews, has been getting, how shall we put it, “honoraria” from lobbyists to deliver his unique brand of whatever it is he delivers.

According the Think Progress, Chris Matthews “has received tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for delivering speeches to corporate interest groups” with ties to the Republican party. As Think Progress noted, Matthews's collection of these fees “appear[s] to be in direct violation of NBC's policy prohibiting its employees from accepting such fees.”

Well, nobody ever accused Chris Matthews of giving it away for free. That would be a violation of the code of ethics for whores.

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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