Monday, January 02, 2006

Update to "Good News, Bad News for Bushie." It's all bad for King George W.

The New York Times reported on Jan. 1 about the conclusions of Lawrence Ponemon, the founder of a privacy consulting company, the Ponemon Institute. Is the public concerned about domestic spying by the NSA? You betcha.

A "poll conducted for Mr. Ponemon last month may show that people hold different views on commercial and government privacy issues. Conducted after The New York Times revealed the N.S.A. surveillance, it suggested great concern. Of those polled, 88 percent expressed concern, and 54 percent said they were 'very concerned,' he said.

"'It was, Wow,' Mr. Ponemon said. The 88 percent figure was more than twice the level of concern of past studies he had seen of public attitudes toward commercial privacy breaches."

The President broke the law and thumbed his nose at Congress and the American people. Most people are "very concerned." Dubya, Cheney and Rummy ought to be, too.

"... and tell 'em Big Mitch sent ya!"

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