Thursday, November 10, 2005

Holy Cow! They Indicted Phil Rizzuto!

Many commentators and columnists like John Tierney of the New York Times choose to ridicule I. Lewis Libby'’s nick-name, "“Scooter,"” which is taken from the Yankee great, Phil Rizzuto.

During 13 seasons, Rizzuto helped the Yanks win 10 pennants and 8 World Series. A five-time All-Star with a .273 lifetime batting average, he was the American League's MVP in 1950, when he turned in a .324 average, 200 hits and .439 slugging percentage. After his retirement, he was the beloved radio announcer of Yankee games for four decades.

Scooter Libby's chosen namesake was a consummate team player. Forty-nine times he advanced to first base by getting hit by a pitch, which places him 358th on the all-time list. From 1946 to 1956, Rizzuto was hit by a pitch more than any other short stop. Clearly, Scooter Rizzuto wasn't afraid to take one for the team.

If Scooter Libby hadn't been willing to take one for the team, the nation might have been subjected to an election in which issues were debated on the facts. Indeed, his continued fearlessness may prevent us from finding out whether or not treason was countenanced at the highest levels of the White House in advance of the 2006 elections when voters will choose the next congress. What could account for Libby's lack of concern for his own freedom? Some suspect that it is the prospect of a Presidential pardon.

Libby is facing a lengthy legal process, which he promises us will result in a trial. My prediction is that it will result in an appeal, too. The process could take a year even if we didn't have to wait a month or so for his attorney's to get security clearances. During this time, it appears that he will be out of custody.

When Scooter Rizzuto took one for the team, he got a free pass to first base. Will Scooter Libby get a free pass for his obstruction of justice and perjury? What we know so far is that the President won't make a commitment not to pardon Scooter. The White House Press Secretary had this to say on the subject: "I'm not going to comment because this is in the context of an on-going investigation."

America deserves an answer.

... tell 'em Big Mitch sent ya!

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