Friday, July 06, 2012

Just the fact's ma'am: Jobs edition

President Obama’s policies are working: 4.4 million private sector jobs added over the last 28 months, 504,000 manufacturing jobs added since January 2010 and 1+ million jobs saved due to the President’s auto rescue program. We have seen 28 straight months of job growth, compared to 12 months of job losses when the President came to office. During W’s last month in office, the economy hemorrhaged 820,000 jobs. Mitt Romney wants to return to the policies that were responsible for getting us into that mess.

One can only imaging the glee with which Romney greeted the fact that while job creation numbers are a step forward, it is only a baby step. He is rooting for misery and pain for the American people, because he believes it will help him get elected. The Republicans in Congress are helping Romney, for example, by blocking the President’s jobs bill.

 In addition, by cutting grants to states, Congress is forcing the states to lay off workers. For example, in the last year, 100,000 jobs have been lost in state and local public education sector. Mr. Romney’s response has been to say that we don’t need more teachers, ignoring the fact that there are a half a million unfilled job slots for which private sector employers can’t find qualified employees. Mr. Romney has also disparaged the hiring of more fire-fighters, which probably won’t go over too big in Colorado.

 The most remarkable part of President Obama’s achievement is that he did it in three years during which he reduced taxes, spending and deficits. You heard that right: taxes, spending and deficits are all lower as a percentage of gross domestic product than when the President took office.

If you love America, vote for Obama...

 "... and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!"

P.S. Think Progress picked up the theme, and has the numbers.


Anonymous said...

If you love your American freedom - don't vote for Obama!
Do not liston to what he days - check out what he does. First its the mandate, then it is a mandate on the Catholic Church, then it is restrictions on fire arms. Notice anything?
How about the freedom of choice, how about freedom of religion and the separation of church and state? What about the guaranteed right to bear arms.
This is just the beginning - vote for Obama and this will be the end of America as we know it!

BigMitch said...

This is typical of the responses made by Obama-haters. For example, can anyone point to one restriction on fire-arms? Indeed, the head of the NRA accuses Obama of trying to take away gun-rights, specifically by doing nothing, and thereby lulling American's into a false sense of security! Freedom of choice? If by that my anonymous corespondent means freedom to be a free-riding parasite on the health care system rather than assume personally responsible for your own health care, I can't agree. To me the shorthand expression "freedom of choice" refers to women's right to reproductive freedom, which Obama favors, and Romney opposes. It might also mean freedom to marry whom you choose, and again: Obama favors, and Romney opposes. The Catholic Church was already providing reproductive health care for employees, and, frankly, if they want to engage in the economic sphere by operating hospitals, they don't get to re-write the law.