Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From the Last Frontier: More Republican corruption

Rich Mauer reports in the Anchorage Daily News (McClatchey):
Bill Allen, a welder who took the Veco Corp. from a small Kenai oil-field company to a billion-dollar international contractor and a major political force, pleaded guilty Monday to bribing at least four Alaska legislators, including former Senate President Ben Stevens.
Also pleading guilty was Rick Smith, Veco’s vice president for community and government affairs.

Lat Friday, former Representatives Pete Kott, (R-Eagle River) Bruce Weyrauch (R-Juneau) and current Representative Vic Kohring (R-Wasilla) were indicted for extortion and bribery in related matters.

Ben Stevens is the son of Ted Stevens, the most senior Republican in the United States Senate.He received more than $200,000 in phony “consulting” contracts.

There was a time when Alaska was a reliably Democratic state. Problems are mounting for Ted Stevens and Don Young (see, here and here.) Indeed, the problems for all Republicans are on the rise. Could it be that the past is prelude to the future?

Memo to Democrats: Prepare to take back Alaska.

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”


Anonymous said...

If they are guilty, then they deserve punishment. However, you act as if this type of activity is limited to the Republican party. Surely you jest

Anonymous said...

hey mitch
where can i send you a letter?
mailing address please.

BigMitch said...

I don't normally give out my address to anonymous posters. If you have something to say to me that is private, post it here, and if you so request, I will not make it public.