Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus in the morning, afternoon and evening.

It’s a slow newsday. Chris Matthews took the day off and Hardball was moderated by David Gregory. The entire show devoted to Don Imus. Tucker was essentially pre-empted by a very moving press conference by the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team. You could not have watched it and not been moved by the story of this Cinderella team nor impressed by the maturity and poise of these young women athletes.

Big Mitch would be remiss if he did not weigh in on the subject.

Don Imus may be a good guy, but if he called one my daughters a “ho,” losing his radio show would be the least of his problems. Any questions?

Don Imus tried to defend himself by saying that he was only doing comedy. Mr. Imus, do you want to share a laugh? Your wife is a whore. Get it?

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”


Anonymous said...

Opie and Anthony call women 'holes' every single day on their radio show, noone has ever complained. Its only when black people are insulted does anything happen, blatant sexism can go unchecked and thought very funny, forever, without objection.

Anonymous said...

I'll let the lyrics of Bow Wow n' R Kelly Speak for me.

I'm a b pimpin
I don't be slippin
When it come down to these hos
I don't love em
We don't cuff em
Man that's just the way it goes
I pull up in the Phantom
All the ladies think handsome
Jewelry shining, I stay stuntin'
Thats why these niggas can't stand em
I'm a chick mag-a-net
And anything fine I'm bag-gin it
And if she got a man, I don't care
10 toes and I wanna be, cause I gotta have it:
Now the moral of the story is cuff yo chick,' cause hey, I'm black, fresh , and I rap, plus I'm rich, and I'm a flirt.

Yep...Imus went over the line...

BigMitch said...

If someone thinks Big Mitch defends Opie, Anthony, Bow Wow or R. Kelly, he or she has another think coming.

But more directly to the point, Imus insulted some very specific individuals who did nothing to bring that upon themselves.

Good bye and good riddance, Imus.