Friday, February 23, 2007


Subject: It's time to take on Fox


I wanted to tell you about something pretty outrageous.

Fox News convinced the Democratic Party to let Fox host a nationally-televised Democratic presidential primary debate this summer in Nevada!

But Fox isn't even a legitimate news channel! It's a right-wing mouthpiece like Rush Limbaugh—dedicated to smearing Democrats. (Recently, Fox falsely claimed Sen. Barack Obama attended a terrorist school!)

There's a growing backlash of people demanding that Democrats drop Fox. Can you help out by signing this petition to the Democratic Party of Nevada? It's really easy—just click here.


"... and tell 'em Big Mitch sent ya!"


Anonymous said...

If the blog author doesn't censor this comment, I'd like you to know that this web site is "full of shit"!!!! That's about it.

Anonymous said...

To be very honest I was an avid fan of Fox programming. However, while watching Hannity for the past few weeks, it became boring watching him go over and over and over his Obama bashing and with nothing new to report. It is pretty much the same with the rest of their (Fox) programming. I'm back to watching the Animal Channel.

Dave said...

What is the problem with going on Fox for a debate? If the candidate knows and believes in their way to resolve problems they should not have a problem. Fox is no different than CNN, MSNBC, etc. except the lean on the news is a different way. We do not have reporters any more, just entertainers.

Anonymous said...

Never mind that Obama and Clinton both said that fox news is the best fair and balanaced? You moron!

Anonymous said...

When did Pbama or Clinto call fox the most fair?

Anonymous said...

Fox is a MORE legitimate NEWS service than the liberal NBC, and CBS (Communist Broadcasting System) and ABC ( Anybody BUT Clinton). Liberals are and endangered species and they don't even know it yet. The revolution is coming!!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Fox to Keith Oberman om msnbc. Bill O'Reilly may be a little radical but he's better than Keith

Anonymous said...

Any liberal who from this date forward whines about Fox and/or Rush should seek psychiatric help. You won the election fair and square and we Conservatives wish our new President well. This country was founded among other things on freedom of the press. Please try to remember this when you choose to listen to your "enemies". If you wish to find the syrupie leftist diatribe you simply need to learn how to navigate the web and your TV. We wish Obama well and hope that our hopeless Congress (both parties) can get their act together-but that's asking for a miracle!