Monday, October 09, 2006

An Issue with National Implications

The Washington Post today reported that the Party of Bush is bracing for a gloomy Election day, and may lose as many as 30 seats in the House as well as control of the Senate. Part of the problem is that the Republican Guard knew of Foley’s illicit emails and salacious chats for several years. They did nothing to protect the pages, instead focusing all of their attention on the scandal’s potential for political fallout.

The WaPo writes:
As part of that strategy, the Republican National Committee is seeking to convince conservatives that the debate is fundamentally centered on politics, not values. The RNC is shipping reams of information to conservative radio hosts, television commentators and bloggers. Those GOP talking points detail the Democratic connections of groups including the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and American Family Voices, which are working to turn the scandal into an issue with national implications.
What the hell?

How in the world can this not be an issue with national implications? Let’s review.

For 200+ years, during Democratic and Republican administrations, both Democratic and Republican congresses have accepted the responsibility of oversight of the administration as part of the job. This Congress has totally abdicated that responsibility.

They have failed to investigate the misuse of intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq, notwithstanding their promises to do so. They have failed to demand an accounting of the billions of dollars that disappeared into that sinkhole.

They have failed to hold accountable in any way the civilian leadership that ignored the advice of Generals and prosecuted a war without adequate troops, without even having adequate body armor for the too few troops in theater, and without an exit strategy.

They have failed to take the least grudging step against an administration that flouts the law by brazenly and contumaciously bragging “We don’t need no stinking FISA warrants.”

They have watched King George sign into laws bills while he announces that he reserves the right to break them, as if to say: “No man is above the law? Oh yeah? Just watch me, sucker!”

They have not lifted a finger to take action against torture and secret prisons. Indeed, the half-hearted attempt to score political points on the issue of torture turned into a repeal of the Constitution’s 5th Amendment protection of the Great Writ of Habeas Corpus.

They have acquiesced in the appointment of judges and Justices of the Supreme Court whose views are inimical to the rights of free men and women. They have tolerated the most transparent of lies during confirmation hearings, expecting us to believe that jurists fit for the Supreme Court have never opined about a woman’s right to choose.

They have tolerated all manner of incompetence in order to allow cronyism that places at danger all Americans, but especially the most vulnerable, as we have seen in New Orleans. And when this became no longer politically feasible, they have abided the scapegoating of one individual, rather than inquiring into the root causes of the problem.

And now we learn that when it turned out that a sexual predator was in their midst, they refused even to police their own, for fear of losing one seat in Congress.

Will Republicans protect us better than Democrats? The evidence shows that they can’t even protect those for whom they are entrusted to act in loco parentis.

All of this amounts to a stinging indictment of Republicans in Congress who are too craven in their lust for power to do even the least bit of oversight of the administration or of themselves.

But that is not all. This affair lays bare the claim that the Party of Bush is the Party of Values. Of course, anyone familiar with Dubya’s shady financial dealings, and his embrace of frat-boy values even after his so-called religious awakening, would know that he was as phony as wax fruit.

It is not simply Maf64’s immorality which stains the Republicans in Congress. It is the dawning realization throughout this nation that the Party of Bush will say or do anything to stay in power.

You’re damn straight this is an issue with national implications.

“… and tell ‘em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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