Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Genius Bush? An update.

Back on May 18th, I wrote in Bush is a genius? follows:
If you give Bush and Turd-blossom credit for being the evil geniuses that I half-way suspect that they are, I have a theory for you.

Rove and Bush figured out that immigrants are the new gays. By this, I mean, that bashing immigrants will do for the Republicans exactly what gay-bashing has done for them in the past. Largely meaningless gestures, designed to drive wedges between Americans, will energize the Republican base, and maybe even get them to forget how totally screwed up everything else is going.

Here’s the beauty part: Republicans in Congress can run against Ted Kennedy and the President on this issue. What does Bush care? He's the guy who put new levels of lame into lame duck.

Is it too Machiavellian for the guys in the White House? Probably. More likely, Turd-blossom is distracted because his baby-face is going to the Big House, and he's going to find out why they call it "the pokey."
Maybe I was onto something.

Here’s what Joe Scarborough had to say on Scarborough Country tonight regarding the contest in California’s 50th Congressional District, for the seat formerly held by convicted corrupt Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham:
That bellwether election instead turned into a referendum against the president’s own immigration plan. Republican Brian Bilbray snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by actually attacking the president’s so called “amnesty plan” – that’s what he called it.
The Republicans can hardly take solace in the results of that election. An inexperienced and weak candidate in an extremely conservative Republican district very nearly upset a former Republican congressman who outspent her 4:1.

And she has a rematch coming up in November.

Good luck, Francine Busby!

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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