Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From America's number one source of News: The Daily Show

Jon Stewart summed it up nicely. He said that if you walked into a Cabinet meeting at the White House and flung your feces against the wall, George Bush would probably name a state after you. How else can you explain today’s news?

First, a review. The Bush administration has been sensitive to calls to infuse some new blood into the White House. In response, Dubya appointed the Josh Bolton to Andrew Card’s former position, viz. Chief of Staff. Mr. Bolton had been the budget director. Who says there are no new faces in the Administration?

In a related item, they have added a digit to the clock that measures the National Debt. (Your share: $28,056.47 as of this morning.) How did that budget director thing work out for you, Josh? Not quite as good as throwing shit against the walls, but not much worse, either.

Maybe Mr. Bolton will have more success in his new position as he interfaces with new faces. For example, today we learned that the job of deputy chief of staff for policy is being given to Joel Kaplan, the artist formerly known as Josh Bolton’s deputy budget director.

You may ask, “who vacated the office of deputy chief of staff for policy to create the vacancy for Mr. Kaplan?” Good question. That would be Karl Rove. “What?” you say, “Is Karl Rove leaving the White House?” Hell, no. Here’s the part that is hardest to say with a straight face: Rove is going to start concentrating on political matters.

I wonder how hard it will be for Rove to adapt to his new job, what with its focus on politics. Don’t forget that Rove had a background that gave him a unique qualifications in the arcane world of policy development: He was the king of direct mail advertising.

The shake-up doesn’t stop there. Scott McClellan has also jumped ship. Shall I tell you why? Sorry. The question arises in the context of an on-going criminal investigation, and I am not going to comment on it.

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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