Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney admits to drinking before shooting his friend.

Well, that was according to Fox News which will air an interview with him tonight. They are also stating that the Veep is totally unapologetic. Which one do you find more surprising?

Let's be fair. The Vice-president only admits to having one beer at lunch before the shooting which is presumed to have happened in the late afternoon, around 5:30. On the other hand, people have been known to understate their alcohol consumption. Having defended hundreds of drunk drivers, I can tell you it is the rule, rather than the exception.

Katherine Armstrong, the Vice-president's hostess, and designated media laison for this incident, told NBC News that there may have been "a beer or two available" during a picnic lunch that preceded the incident. Hmm, it sounds like the picnic lunch was a part of the whole hunting thing.

I wonder if the complete police report sheds any light on when was the last time the Vice-president drank before the incident. By the way, MSNBC has taken the Kathrine Armstrong quote off their website, but you can see it as it originally appeared here.

“… and tell ’em Big Mitch sent ya!”

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